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renga: a chain of poems
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溶ける魚  a dissolving fish
歌仙独吟 溶ける魚
まんだら 2005.3.11-3.21

a dissolving fish
renga haikai kasen solo
by mandala
March 11-21, 2005

1. 春浅しブルトンの網に溶ける魚
spring’s still young
trapped in Breton’s net
a dissolving fish

2. 椿一枝添えるまな板
a chopping board served
with a single bough of camellia

3. ヴィーナスが羽衣まとい春売りて
clad in a robe of angel
see-through, Venus, Aphrodite
goes on the streets

4. セーヌ左岸にサガンの幽霊
the left bank of the Seine
Sagan’s specter haunts

5. この月を金糸銀糸でつなぎとめ
fastening and securing
this evening’s moon
with gold and silver threads

6. ボッチチェルリの盗まれた秋
the stolen autumn
of Sandro Botticelli

7. オベリスクで串刺しにしたき蒼穹
high and sapphire skies
seduces you to transfix it
with the obelisk

8. あごヒゲの美女懊悩深く
a deep distress
of a beauty with a beard

9. 神々の血と精液で書く神話
the blood
and the semen of gods
describe a myth

10. 熱風首切るギザのスフィンクス
simoon beheads
the Sphinx at Giza

11. 及ばざる思念のありかへ橋をかけ
bridging over the gap
so far beyond reach
to where thought exists

12. 穴を穿って埋める未来
digging a hole
to bury the future

13. 雨あられミナレットからご神託
a barrage of oracles
come showering down
from the minaret

14. 鏡のように割れる満月
full moon, like a mirror
shattered in pieces

15. 霧雨に仰ぐ天山砂の海
I look up at
Mt. Tian Shan in the misty rain
from the sea of dune

16. ソロ河に露ひとしずく別れなり
a dewdrop into Bengawan Solo
selamat jalan

17. いびきかき花のしとねに眠る豚
a hog sleeps on
snoring in a bed
spread with ylang-ylang flowers

18. 二胡弾き荷を積み春船出
playing an erhu and taking in cargo
spring has sailed out

19. ガンダーラに弾痕おぼろ諸仏かな
with many a buddah
even bullet marks look hazy
in Gandhara

20. バイソン狩りし大草原の詩
they hunted bison
a relic of prairie

21. ステーキのしたたる血潮海となりて
blood trickling
from a juicy rare steak
gathers to be a sea

22. ヤギの目玉のスープは塩味
soup with goat eyeballs
is just salty taste

23. ダモクレスひやり玉散る剣にて
Damocles would feel chilly
as the sword blade
flashes beads of light

24. 白熊夢見る白夜の月影
under the moon beam
a white bear dreams of a white night

25. まかせろと胸をたたいた森の人
leave it to me
drumming his chest
an orang hutan said

26. アンデス斜面小ぶりなポテト
potatoes are small in size
on the slope of the Andes

27. わかるかねウドのキンピラ苦いシーニュ
do you know?
the taste of udo kimpira
is the signe of bitterness

28. 老女は開く春の手文庫
an old lady opens
a small box of spring

29. 風撫でる桃源郷のいぬふぐり
A wind gently caressed
in Shangri-La

30. ラッパ吹きふき春のお通り
blowing a trumpet, blowing,
spring is marching on

31. 疾走するスプリンターのもろさかな
dashing at full speed
a sprinter shows

32. ブッダ結跏趺坐何かわかったか
sitting in meditation
what'd you know at all, Buddha?

33. 君もまた骨まで凍る人のうち
you too
are one of those who
make us frozen to the marrow

34. 暗い空から酸性雨ふる
from dark skies
acid rain falls

35. やせこけたペニスのミイラ擬牝台
a skinny penis mummy
for false mounting
and an artificial vagina

36. 恋は血潮か真っ白な幻想
is love really blood-red
or white and blank illusion?

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